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Are you ready to be judged?

The Icontest Judge

:: The Icontest Judge ::
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What is the Icontest Judge, you say?

I'm a member of a fair few icontest communities here on LiveJournal, and I like to think I know what makes a good icontest, and maybe a not so good one. And I'm particularly fed up when you spend a lot of time and effort into making icons for an icontest that's deleted three days after it starts.

So I thought, why not set up a community where people can get their icontests rated? Then other people can see how well their icontest community is, and possibly join as a result!

The four awesome people who are judging you are-


All four of us have great experience when it comes to knowing what makes a good icontest, three of us owning our own icontests, and also taking part in several. So don't doubt our judgements!

Apply here!!

Well, there are benefits to this for everyone. For the manager(s) of the icontest, applying here will result in free promotion for your site, and also good promotion. I'm hoping that if/when this gets popular, a grade from here will be very prestiged. *fingers crossed*

It's also somewhere helpful for anyone looking for a new icontest to join to come, check out all the icontests that have been judged, and go for the best ones. I just thought the idea was nifty.

Yes, we do have rules.

If you wish to apply to be judged, you must make a comment to the screened post. It's sticky, so it's not hard to find. I will then judge you on several critera (see below).

After we've been so have a look at your icontest, we'll make me judgement and make an individual post about it, with a description, blah blah blah. There are banners available for you to pick up once your icontests has been rated.

Once your icontests has been judged, we will not edit the post, unless you give us a DAMN good reason. If you can't handle any criticsm, don't apply, yo?

Please do not apply until you have had at least two challenges!!

We will be judging on-

~ Layout (how much effort has been put into it)
~ Punctuality (how well you are able to keep up with the schedule of the icontest)
~ Friendliness (how nice the mod is/are! It's important, yo?)
~ Originality (how well thought out the challenges are)
~ Overall (how we feel about the icontest overall)

It doesn't matter if it's an icontest on a well known topic, or something we will have never heard of. We're not judging on that.

So? You think you want to apply? Good luck!

degrassi_chorus // [review]
carnivalecontst // [review]
_angelicslayer_ // [review]
i_animation // [review]

If you have already been rated and want a banner, please get them from here.
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