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Name: bishounenawards
About: An icon challenge for bishounen (a.k.a pretty Japanese boys in anime)
Special limitations? None.

Friendliness: Two mods run this community, adaneko and nyaabo. Both seem very nice and friendly and it appears to be equally maintained; by that, I mean that it isn't just one person doing a lot of the work and the other occassionally helpin, like I have seen in some icontests. The mods also appear to cope well when trouble's a brewin' rules are broken. A recent challenge saw a participant break a community rule and the situation was deal with very smoothly.

Originality: I do think this icontest is original. It isn't restricted to a certain thing, (to an extent) and it allows participants not only to get creatively diverse, but also allows the opportunity for a little bit of fangirl squee! If you, like me, think that Joey Wheeler from Yu Gi Oh! is the most beautiful thing ever graphically made, the you can say so! It's interesting to see who people come up with as bishounen. The community does, however, only produce anime icons from challenges, and there are plenty of icontests that do that. However, this icontest finds an original take on the anime icontest.

Layout: The layout is very well done. It's obvious a lot of work and effort has gone into this, with image maps and sidebars and everything. Could be a little brain numbing for the dial up user, but hey, Im dial up and the image, once loaded, was well worth the wait, hehe. The layout is clear on what the community entails. Maybe the title of the community could be a little more obvious? It may take people some time to find it. But I can't really criticise, it's a very pretty layout. The layout also shows a lot of information, which is always nice. 

Punctuality: From what I can see, the voting is posted only 15 minutes later/earlier than what's promised. This is very good. Most icontests I belong to say what time they'll post results, and then do it anytime of day which suits them (which I understand, people's lives don't revolve around LJ). But these moderators obviously care a lot about their community. And it's nice to see such dedication. Especially for those poeple who leave icon making to the very last minute *cough* springhazsprung *cough*.

Overall: I do like this community a lot. Actually, I'm quite tempted to join it myself. The layouts are beautiful, the challenges are the most puncutal I have ever seen in an icontest, and also the challenges are original in their ideas. The current challenge is "pilfer" which offers plenty of room for interpretation and creativity! The mods are very friendly and I think this community is a great idea. I

I give this community an <b>A</B>, because I so totally can. =D

Fellow judges, anything different/additional to say? Do you agree with my grading?
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I concur with the A. This icontest is marvelously refreshing and the moderators seem to know what they're doing.
I'm not as excited about the layout as everyone else, but it gets the job done. The image is very large and powerful.

The contest itself, however, is great. It's probably one of the original, oh, 50 icontests out there, which isn't bad considering that there are about 200 out there now.

The userinfo is nicely organized. <3

I'm pretty impressed, and I'd probably give it an even B.