Seiko (shiagurl) wrote in icontest_judge,

I_Animation Review

Well, this is my first review here, so please bear with me. ^^

Name: i_animation
About: An icon challenge where contestants have to make an animated icon for each challenge.
Special limitations? Icons must be animated.

Friendliness: From what I hear and have seen of chibuni, she is a great person. She's friends with some of my friends, and from what I see of the community, it's run very smoothly and without conflict. The other mods seem nice as well. I'd give full marks here.

Originality: This community is certainly original. Icontests as a group aren't original anymore, but as a single community, i_animation is interesting to say the least. Because the entrants aren't limited to one specific TV show, anime, or movie for their icons, it allows for a fairly diverse group of icons to vote on. The animations can get repetitive because there are only but so many effects that you can do on an icon, but for the most part, this community is original.

Layout: Wow. The layout is very pretty. The colors are gorgeous, and it's simple and easy to navigate. The title on the header is a bit large and overpowering, however, and it takes a lot away from the background scenery of the ocean. We know that this community is called i_animation, and the layout does not need to SCREAM it; it only needs to hint. Still, I can't knock this layout because it IS nice and it does its job.

Punctuality: Sometimes the posts are 1-2 hours early or late from when the mods say that things will be posted, but that is not a big range for icontests. As long as the posts aren't days late, I see no problems with being a few hours off. People have things to do, and sometimes posts take a long time to type, so I'd say that this community is pretty average in terms of punctuality. Just keep in mind that when you post early, like one of the winner's posts on the main page, some late people don't get a chance to vote, and it's not fair to them. It's better to post late to give everyone a chance than to post early, even if it's a half-hour. Help those slacking voters out! ^^

Overall: This community truly impressed me. The layout did its duty, the posts were on time, and the mods are exceptionally friendly and helpful to the members. The idea is just about as original as icontests can get nowadays, and the concept behind it is interesting. It looks like it'd be a lot of fun. I'd certainly give this community an A-, because it completely deserves it.

So that's my first review here. waka_laka, if you'd like me to make a banner for this review and maybe for all future reviews, I can do that. That way we'd have generic banners for whatever grade a contest might get instead of having to make individual ones for everyone. Just say the word.
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