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Ok, judges!

I now have an insane amount of icontest to judge, and the time to dither about the best way to judge them has run out.

So! I am going to make three more people judges. How do you become a judge? Well, you will have to make a review of your own so I can see how good a reviewer you actually are.

A good review means-

~ Looking at the whole picture.
~ Not being overly harsh. Even if you hate the community, say that in a constructive manner. Don't just be a bitch.
~ Don't limit yourself to being nice (I know I have to work on that!); if there is something wrong, say so. That's why we're judging.

If you want to be a fellow judge, then comment to this post with a review (in the same existing format as seen on the UserInfo). I'll then put it up to a public vote as to the next three. SInce my paid LJ is running out, I ask that all submissions are in by April 2nd. That gives you plenty of time, but if you need more please do tell me.

What icontest will you review, you cry? _angelicslayer_. SInce I am good friends with one of the mods, he won't mind us all using his community for this =D

Comments will not be screened- everyone will be able to see your review, so don't be shy, kiddies. Good luck everyone!
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