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Degrassi Chorus

OK, I had never even heard of Degrassi before this. It looks pretty interesting though, maybe I should give it a glance over =D

Name: degrassi_chorus
About: An icon challenge for Degrassi (quite obviously!)
Special limitations? Chorus icontest

Friendliness: I like the mod (ladyemma). She's not rude to participants and she seems to put effort into posts she makes, instead of just having a "vote" or "winners" post with nothing but images. The User Info is also clearly laid out so you don't get confused.

Originality: The challenges allow the particpants to pick what lyrics they want to make icons out of. That's good- it'll keep you interested, means the same type of lyrics won't be picked each week and you'll actually enjoy making icons with lyrics you know well.

Layout: Very pretty without going over the top. I like the colour scheme. I also like the images on the User Info page. The banners are pretty and all original. And the layout has a matching icon! So nice to see.

Punctuality: Doesn't appear to be any lateness from what I can see. Very punctual. Doesn't leave you waiting for ages to find out if you've won a contest.

Overall: The only (and this is really being picky now!) thing that would annoy me is the fact that entries are submitted as individual entries, which could take up a lot of room on your friends page and discards the idea of anonymity. But even that has it's benefits- you can see everyone else's ideas.

Katie is a fool, please to be disregarding all this. =D

Overall I think this is a very good icontest.

Well done! Have a banner!

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