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Note: this is an example of how things will work. This is mine and my friends shared icon journal that's still starting up.

Name: teh_andy
About: Some random icon journal that bears no relevance to icontests whatsoever
Special limitations? The fact that it isn't an icontest

Friendliness Well, springhazsprung tried to bite my hand, so this community scores low. 1/10
Originality: The name "Teh_Andy" is. And I suppose it's original in the way that it isn't an icontest. 7/10
Layout: Well, I made this layout. 10/10 =D
Punctuality: We don't post very often. We're lazy. 1/10
Overall: This is a poor icontest.

Obviously I won't need to be as succinct/harsh/hungry when it comes to rating your icontest, but that's pretty much how it will work. My comments will be longer, obviously. And I hopefully won't rate you as poor.

So give it a go! Come on!
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