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Carnivale Icontest

Again, Carnivale = WTF in the dictonary that is my brain. I like learing all this new stuff =D

Name: carnivalecontst
About: An icon challenge for Carnivale.
Special limitations? None!

Friendliness: The UserInfo is easy to follow, and there are no stupid rules to catch people out. There's a nice link on the community to the official Carnivale page if, like me, you have no clue what it is. *thumbs up* Like that! The mod (wicked_goddess) is also tres friendly. Screencaps are provided if you can't get your own, how considerate!

Originality: The challenges vary; for example, there are cap challenges, and lyric challenges, so you won't get bored easily.

Layout: Nice. I like the banner and the colour scheme, they go very well together. Not very many layouts could pull off that bright a yellow, I can tell you! And, also, matching icon, which in my books = yay.

Punctuality: Very much with the on time. New challenges are posted on the same day winners are announced from the previous challenge.

Overall: This icontest is good. Again, if I had to find one fault, it would be the icon submission as individual posts, but as I said, that could be seen as positive or negative, depends on what you like really.

Overall I think this is a very good icontest.

Well done! Have a banner!

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